How to Fix Windows Media Center Error ehrecvr.exe

Published: 07th December 2010
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This article will show you what to do if you see 'ehrecvr.exe error' message when you open Windows Media Center.

ehrecver.exe is a file used to run Microsoft Media Center, that adds extra multi-media functionality to your media player. If you stream music or videos direct from the internet, Windows Media Player uses ehrecvr.exe to go and get the additional software -- called ' add-ons' -- it needs to play your media content.

ehrecvr.exe is an executable file and is an important part of your Windows operating system.

What's an executable file?

You can tell a file is executable because it ends with .exe. As the name suggests, when an executable file is opened, the file carries out the commands within the file without any user response. This is different from say a Word file -- with .doc extension -- that is just a text format, and cannot action any code contained within.

How do I fix ehrecvr.eve?

Set your PC to automatically receive Windows updates. Go to Start -> All Programs -> Windows Update. Then click Change Settings, and select "Automatic (recommended) Automatically download recommended updates for my computer and install them"

You can disable the error message by following these steps:

1. Hold down Ctrl, and press Alt and Delete together, to open the Task Manager

2. Click Processes

3. Find ehrecvr.exe in the list, click on it and select End Process

This will stop the file if it's holding up your PC.

To stop ehrecvr.exe from starting automatically, follow these steps:

1. Start -> right click My Computer, and click Manage to open Computer Management window

2. To the left of the window, click Services and Applications, and then Services

3. Scroll down the right-hand panel and double-click Media Center Receiver Service

4. Click Disable and OK

5. Restart your computer

Clear your registry

The computer registry is similar to a library, that stores files to maintain Internet Explorer. With time, as programs are added and removed, and everyday programs opened more frequently than others, the computer registry becomes cluttered with broken and redundant files. Scanning your registry for broken files will make sure your file system is up to date. See registry cleaner reviews at Registry Cleaner Win.

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